Craigslist Posting Tricks

Craigslist Posting Tricks

Today, I am going to show you some effective Craigslist posting tricks. You can try these tips to ensure the ad remains on the first page in your category of choice.

As a matter of fact, very few people search for products or services beyond page 2 or even 3.

Besides, being one of the most popular websites for ads, there are so many spammers on Craigslist too. Therefore, without effective Craigslist posting tricks, you will be wasting your valuable time.

Let’s see what you should do:

Trick 1: Create and Verify Your Account

This is a simple process. You can access the log in/ create account page.

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You should fill in all the necessary details, then proceed to the next stages. Simply follow the screen prompts.

Trick 2: Post Your First Ad

Creating an ad on Craigslist is a simple process. Once you verify your account, login then begin the process.

NOTE: Do not violate any Craigslist advert posting rules and regulations. As you go about this process, you will see a number of screen prompts that will keep on reminding you of these terms of use.

I also have a list of Craigslist posting tips. Please, ensure you read that article.

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Posting first ad

Once, your first ad goes live, it is now time to ensure it remains on the first few pages.

Now, you should follow these simple Craigslist posting tricks to ensure your listing remains on the first page.

  • Take about 48 hours before you repost the ad. This will ensure the listing is not flagged.
  • After a certain period of time, login to your Craigslist account and click on the listing you intend to repost. If possible, you should open the listing in a new tab then click edit.

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Sample of an ad

  • Go ahead and make a few adjustments on the new ad. Here, you don’t have to write everything again. You can copy-paste most content since this will save you a lot of time.
  • Of course, the listing should be in the same category and focus on the same area.
  • Next, delete the old listing then post the new one.

By doing this, your advert will obviously be back to the first page. This is a sure way to ensure that the Craigslist listing remains on the first page without being flagged as spam.

Trick 3: What to Do In Case Craigslist Keeps Flagging Your Listing

At times, you may try as much as possible to follow the listing rules, but the ad ends up being flagged by Craigslist. Below are a few things you should consider:

  • Create a new Craigslist account. In case Craigslist marks your account, there is a high possibility that it will flag most listings. Again, you should check if there is a temporary ban on your account
  • Try a different computer; once your internet protocol address (IP address) is marked, there is a high chance that any listing you make from that computer will be flagged. Trying another computer may solve this.

Apart from these two, Craigslist maybe flagging the listing due to high frequency of posting. So, you should reduce this too.

With all these Craigslist posting tricks, I am sure you can sell your old items easily to get some income.