Great Craigslist Posting Service

How to Evaluate a Craigslist Posting Service

I know there are many companies and individuals who offer Craigslist posting services out there.

Interestingly, they all claim to offer quality services that guarantee high return on investment (ROI), which is not always the case.

It is why this article will focus on the key features a company that offers a reliable Craigslist posting service should have. Here are major aspects you must consider:

Experience & Expertise of the Craigslist Posting Service

As I said earlier, each company will claim to offer the best services in the market. So, you have to confirm and verify this claim to be safe.

If possible, you should go for a company with years of experience in this industry.

You can contact their previous clients to know exactly the kind of services the company offers.

I can tell you for free, the reviews or good comments you may find on the company’s website or social media platforms can just be sales gimmicks.

In case you can get a Craigslist posting service that offers free trials, maybe for two to three days and payments are made only for live ads the better. This is because you will use this opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the services they offer.

Free Craigslist Posting Consultation

It is at this stage that you can decide whether to opt for a Craigslist posting service or not. Basically, you will have a one-on-one discussion concerning a wide range of aspects on the Craigslist ad posting service.

Through this, you can easily establish whether paying for Craigslist posting will be a viable idea or not.

Consider their Area of Specialization

Craigslist has many category sections. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to find a company that specializes in all categories.

For example, you may find a company that specializes on:

  • Job Craigslist posting service
  • Real estate Craigslist posting services
  • Furniture Craigslist posting
  • Automotive Craigslist posting, and many more

Normally, when you get a company that has specialized in a specific field, the chances of success are always very high.

In addition to these, the Craigslist posting service provider may also offer the following:

  • Nationwide or single city posting

If you look at the structure of Craigslist, the design is to make sellers target their buyers depending on the geographical location. Whether to choose a service provider who focuses on nationwide or specific city will depend on the nature of your business.

This is why from the Craigslist homepage, you can choose any city within the U.S.A., Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia/Middle East/Pacific or Africa.

  • Type of ads to post

Broadly, quite a number of Craigslist service providers focus on either text or graphic ads. Normally, the price of a Craigslist posting package will depend on the type of ad.

For instance, you will find that graphical ads may be more expensive. This is due to the process it takes to design a single ad.

In addition to all these, you should consider the mode of payment and whether they use software or opt for manual ad posting.

As a rule of thumb, go for Craigslist posting service providers who avail daily reports on the progress of their work.

Craigslist Posting Service Plans & Pricing

There is no formula on how a Craigslist posting company should develop their pricing plans or packages. This will depend on what they deem to be fair to their clients as they make profits too.

Remember, the whole idea of a Craigslist posting is about making profits for all parties.

Now, let me give you a brief overview of what you need to evaluate before choosing Craigslist posting pricing plans.

A company may have as many Craigslist posting plans as possible. Normally, the plans may vary depending on the type of Craigslist advert sections.

Broadly, you may classify these sections as:

  • Selling products section
  • Service sections
  • Real estate sections
  • Gigs sections, just to mention a few

Depending on a specific section, you may pay between $1 and $3, depending on the ad.

In addition to this, the Craigslist posting plans will also depend on the number of ads you intend to post per day. For instance, a Craigslist posting service provider may decide to have different prices for adverts that may range from 5-15, 16-25, 26-50 to 51-75, just to list a few.

Each category will have a different price. In most cases if you go for a package with more adverts, you are likely to pay less per advert.

A good Craigslist posting plans should be such that you only pay live ads only. That is if there are any ghosted or flagged ads, then they should repost them for free.

Even as you hire the services of a Craigslist posting company, the success will depend on the quality and demand of the product you offer.

Working Towards a Successful Craigslist Posting Service

First, the Craigslist ad posting company does not know more about your company. Therefore, it is your responsibility to tell them about the:

  • Specific goals of your company
  • Amount of quality leads you expect
  • Number of ads you intend to have
  • Key factors to highlight in the ad
  • Rough idea about your clients

As a matter of fact, advertising on Craigslist is very competitive. Therefore, you need to adopt a flexible and efficient way of reaching out to the target customer.

You should work closely with the Craigslist posting service provider to ensure your business prospers.

By doing these, you will definitely increase the chances of success in your business.

Apart from all the factors highlighted above, you should hire a Craigslist posting service provider with a clear refund policy. In most cases, even if you will be paying for live ads, most companies require upfront/advance payments.

It is either you can deposit the money in their own or escrow account.

So, to avoid unnecessary disputes, you should request for their refund policy. As a rule of thumb, only hire companies with good reputation.

In summary, I know Craigslist posting can be a tiresome task, especially if you intend to sell many products. This is why I do recommend that you hire a company that offers Craigslist posting services to go about your marketing strategy effectively.